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Here at Snob Monkey, we believe that brand identity isn’t a cost – it’s an investment. An effective, engaging and meaningful brand can make a good startup great, and make a great startup world-class. Our branding develops specifically for startups and small businesses not only deliver a logo design and visual identity that you can be proud of but include many other important materials will continue to add value to your business for years to come.

We outline the visual aspects of your brand identity, which used together, make your business an instantly recognisable brand. It includes specifications for your colour palettes and typestyle. This covers colour codes such as RGB, CMYK, HEX and Pantone. You’ll also receive the font files for your brand’s typestyle, which can be easily installed and used on any computer.

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It’s all about the brand.

When it comes to design there are numerous styles that can be considered depending on whether you want to create a professional impact with a Brochure Design or a more simplistic look for a Business Card Design or Postcard Design. Sometimes in fact, simplicity can be the key offering a subtle air of professionalism, however if you are a young, fresh and innovative company, such as a university then you may wish for a funkier style for that Prospectus Design.
With the use of colour, typography and textures we can create designs that your competitors will be envious of, creating an impact to stop your potential customers in their tracks.

Brand Naming

Branding design goes beyond the surface graphics. A corporate brand identity is the whole personality of a product, company or organisation. Everything from the name, the identity, the colours and the tone of voice all form part of a brand identity development. How a brand behaves, its employees and its mythology are all assets with commercial value.


Users connect with brands, with head and heart and the most memorable brands usually combine a strong appeal to both. Effective brand identity development usually creates well-differentiated identities. Others may follow these are ‘me too’ brands. You may not like a brand – if you do, that’s great! – But if you remember it – for whatever reason – then it has worked.

Brand Values

We can help you define or redefine your company brand values, perception and personality. This may include researched and tested subtle or evolutionary development of existing brands for new audiences and new media; the conceptual birth of new brands as well as and the extension and articulation of brands into new markets and territories.

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