Missing Link

Monkeys use their tails for balance & to help them climb, most businesses lack balance & don’t climb to the top.

A monkey’s tail is practical and assists it in a variety of ways by giving it the ability to take care of itself and others of it’s family, but primarily it brings balance and helps them climb, on the other hand most businesses lack balance when it comes to social media channels. Businesses limit themselves by investing in usually just one or two social channels and even then, it is with a poorly executed message and/or campaign. The effect this has is a very common one; their business lacks balance and won’t be climbing up anytime soon. This, more times than not, leaves the business paralyzed, i.e. sitting on their tails when it comes to innovation and investing in new platforms like social media.

Monkeys usually live in trees, businesses live on the ground.

This point speaks to perspective and the ability to move to where they need to be at will. When applied to social media, in most businesses’ perspective is lacking, i.e. They do not fully understand how to use it, promote it & benefit from it. Instead of being flexible and engaging where they need to be, businesses follow the same course they always have and are usually unwilling to change due to fear, risk, misconceptions or stubbornness. This perspective when it comes to social media, will keep the business on the ground leaving them to watch their competitors, (who they once called a bunch of monkeys) swing from branch to branch adjusting successfully to the winds of marketing change.

Monkeys are intelligent, most businesses less so.

For most businesses, especially SME’s (Small & Medium sized Enterprises) , work in their business more than they work on it. This takes away from strategic planning, understanding current and future trends and the ability to make proactive changes quickly. If you are profitable today, will tomorrow be the same? Most monkeys are excellent at adapting to their environment and doing what is necessary to survive, businesses are less adaptable. Decisions like investing in social media are usually delayed and opportunities for huge success can be passed by. The monkeys adapt and face challenges and new adventures with vigour.

How can businesses become more like monkeys when it comes to social media?

  • Getting on the social media tree and start climbing
  • Putting together a balanced marketing strategy that includes social media. Don’t be afraid, ask for help and if necessary get help! Don’t wait around to see if social media is a fad or not, but certainly don’t just put up a Twitter or Facebook page and call it good. Social media deserves the same effort and focus as your other marketing and sales strategies and should be added to your business plan
  • We know you are busy, you may have bigger challenges to face and are expending your energy in these areas. That is why Snob Monkey comes in, we do the right amount of monkeying around to help your business
  • Yes, you may think Snob Monkey’s crazy, using scare tactics? They thought the same thing about that guy who built the ark too (Yes, I know his name was Noah) Guess what? It rained a lot. Unfortunately, no one has made a social media life preserver, so don’t wait until you need one. Then with your luck, some monkey will be floating by grinning, taking a picture of you on his iPhone and uploading it to Twitter and Facebook
  • So embrace social media as a marketing channel and let the monkey business start!