Burney Legal was established in London in 2009 by Mr Ansar Burney, a world-renowned human rights lawyer, they are a firm of solicitors specialising in many areas of UK, European and International law.




They previously had a non-responsive website and non-mobile friendly, which meant there was a poor user experience for those customers accessing the site from both a laptop and mobile devices. This poor user experience had a direct impact on the reputation and conversion rate. It became clear that to fall in line with current high-end competitors and digital trends, a complete migration to a responsive website design was needed.




  • Web Development
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO Management



Snob Monkey successfully created a new, fully responsive and mobile-friendly website. We renewed most of the images so they were of high quality and fit decorously. The content was reviewed by the heads of Burney Legal and mostly updated to fit between the margins on pages correctly. 


They were most impressed with the new online booking system we had installed which helped them organise their meetings easier and made it simpler to process payments.


Lastly, it was important to ensure that there was no immediate dip in search performance, which could have potentially led to a loss of traffic.

Our hope was that, as the site provided a better user experience, the result would be enhanced search visibility.

We succeeded in this prospect by delivering our 3-month SEO service. Burney Legal is reaching more clients and topping previous search engine ranking.