Chicken Way is the first Halal fast food shop in the heart of Brussels (Belgium), proposing a new concept to Peri Peri.



Since this was a startup fast food shop with no logo to their name, life before Snob Monkey did not exist. It was up to us to turn our clients vision into a reality. 




  • Logo & Branding
  • Video Editing
  • Graphics Designing



Chicken WayLogo & Branding

The intentions for the logo was to represent Chicken Way’s ‘most loved’ fried chicken. We suggested the idea of using a chicken’s head popping out of a basic circular logo template, focusing on the feathers to exemplify the chicken, as we wanted a single base colour Red to be filled. The overall concept consisted of two colours which the owner of Chicken Way loved. It has now become a very recognised logo in central Brussels.


Video Editing

Included in the shop monitor is a high-quality statement video showcasing all the different types of food which were created by our visual expert’s team. 


The video editing consisted of crafting a fashionable new side to any other chicken shop. This involved adding the price and picture of each meal in a clear, yet animatic display. These videos were presented on the TV inside the shop. 

Graphic Design

Our creative design team worked hard on ensuring the interior of the shop represented Chicken Way the fullest way possible. We started by creating the menu with included high quality edited pictures that floated next to the foods title. We made sure it was colourful and mouth-watering, which we achieved.


A few posters and A5 flyers were also created for the inside of the shop, some showing the chicken sauce spice chart, others showing the most loved order.


The largest graphic needed creating was the shop window design. This had the majority of the products on the menu displayed, in a blown-up high-quality finish.

  • A5 Peri Peri Flyer Side 1 pop
  • A5 Peri Peri Flyer Side 1 copy
  • A5 Peri Peri Flyer Side 2
  • Chicken Way A1 pop
  • 14067453_1293692930648890_4131342754514699395_n