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With physical kiosk locations worldwide, Mobile Outfitters is able to bring unparalleled products and services directly to you. They are not just another mobile accessory kiosk, with their own on-demand technology they are able to create and professionally install the award-winning ‘Clear-Coat’ screen protection 360º full body protection, and skins for any mobile device right from their kiosk. Combined with a lifetime guarantee, professional installation and 100% customisable phone cases you’ll quickly see why millions have chosen Mobile Outfitters.



We started working with Mobile Outfitters near the end of June 2016. The social media platforms that we revamped were Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. It has updates happening on them but not on a consistent level and the engagement level was low. The amount of customer service required online was a lot. The Youtube channel was non-existent at the time. 




  • Social Media Management
  • Video Editing
  • Photography
  • Graphics Designing



Social Media Management

The content that Snob Monkey shared is made up of mainly a combination of high-quality images and videos. The photos we usually use present phones action, falling to the ground, smashed with a hammer, scratched with some keys or just in the hand of an owner. Occasionally we share images of funny phone ‘memes,’ to reinforce a slight humour theme into their social media content to make ‘damaging your phone’ seem a lot more realistic. Since we have taken over their social media, the brand awareness is increased and the customer service online is on point.

Current social media platforms and their status are as follows:


Customer Service

The majority of the feedback that Mobile Outfitters receive from their followers on Facebook is positive and we respond to all of their comments and any customer enquiries like ‘how much is it to get an iPhone 6s clear coated’. We get involved in the conversation and encourage fans to get more involved with the brand.


We take most of the visual content and pictures (when we visit newly open kiosks, we take pictures and video testimonials from customers- then edit these and upload onto their platforms). The UK CEO is overly impressed with our team’s effort in making the brand and opening kiosks stand out as the best mobile device protection. We use a professional Nikon Camera and make sure only the best pictures make it on their social media platforms.


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Video Editing

All the video editing is done by Snob Monkey and all the testimonial videos are also recorded and edited by us. Eventually, they end up on YouTube and all other relevant social media platforms of Mobile Outfitters.