Our Referral Program

  • Seems like everyone needs help with social media and technology, but you don’t have the time to hold their hand. We do!
  • When you refer someone to Snob Monkey, and they sign a contract with us, you’ll receive 5% from their monthly payments every month, for as long as they are with us. Snob Monkey offers one of the most generous referral programs in the industry.
  • This does not only increase our clientele but also creates a community of different business all under one roof who can communicate through Snob Monkey.
  • What are you waiting for? Help your friends businesses by helping yourself!
    • Friends/Family with new or growing businesses
    • Doctors/Dentists/Lawyers
    • Your clients or the clients of your firm
    • Your own firm
    • Restaurants/Local Business

If you think you know anyone whose business could use these services (that’s essentially everyone), then please get in touch with us to discuss how we can arrange a meeting.