Terms of Use


Terms of Use

Social Media needs a long term approach: To build community, distribute content, or get people actively involved in an application takes time. Marketing and PR work on short time frames and are committed to sets of individual campaigns or short term objectives. Social media is not a campaign, it’s a permanent approach.

Social Media allows any corporation, irrespective of its size, to be involved in the world market for their specialist segment. Involvement in Social Media is about connecting to people and businesses. So who do you connect with? Success in social media doesn’t come by chance – and it certainly doesn’t come over night.

Social Platforms such as; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, Bebo, Ning, Buzz, About Me, Google+ (and a plethora of others) – are effectively ‘online social spaces’ where people can converse, share their profiles, news, photos, ideas, work projects etc.

The objective is to get people interested and engaged by providing authentic, transparent and relevant and compelling information. And hopefully, those that engage with what you are talking about – will tell others – and so they will ‘follow’ your musings, subscribe to your blog – growing brand awareness, positive word of mouth – and share of mind.

Social media platforms enable a ‘conversation’ with people you may not have been able to reach before. It has an amazing power to enable communications to go viral – and engage audiences in conversations about services, products, issues, the company and brand – connecting a vast amount of like-minded people in an often targeted and purposeful way.

Now you can also follow our blog for social media tips, tricks, news, how to, what’s hot, what’s not here.

Snob Monkey will aim to help our clients achieve more success. However, we will not:

    • Infer unrealistic expectations.

Unlike some we refuse to over promise or infer unrealistic expectations with our clients to simply try and close more business. To Snob Monkey, a relationship is built upon trust, integrity and honesty. Our goal is to build long -term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and not to simply try and sell as many plans as possible.

    • Work on certain types of websites

For various reasons Snob Monkey will not work on such sites or content such as:

      • Adult products/services/themes
      • Hatred sites
      • Weapon sites
      • Extreme political view sites

Snob Monkey will never share any information or data that is not in the public domain already of any past or current client with anyone ever unless with the express consent of our clients.