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About Snob Monkey

Delivering digital solutions to enhance your brand identity.

Size doesn’t matter…

We’re a small but passionate team of digital marketers and web developers with the sole purpose to optimize your brand identity and online presence.

As a multi award-winning digital marketing agency, we perform all aspects of marketing with a customised strategy for your business. We provide you with solutions across all platforms to keep your company at the top of its market with the intention that you will never have to worry about your social presence. 

We develop strategies, create content, launch campaigns and much more — all to inspire people and generate interest in our clients brand. From social media marketing and SEO to web development and logo design, you’ll be sure to find a solution that fits your business goals and enhances your brand identity.

brand identity

How We Work

Brand Awareness

With every company flocking to social media, it is not easy to get the brand awareness you deserve. Our expertise puts your brand above the rest giving it the exposure it deserves.

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is very important and not easy to maintain, especially online. We pride ourselves in making sure your brand is recognised in the highest regard.

Return On Investment

Whatever you invest with us should be returned many times over through revenue generated online, or through the efficiency of the services we provide.

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