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About Abu Bakr Supermarkets

Abu Bakr Supermarkets are the leading suppliers of retail and wholesale Halal products in Leeds. They offer a huge variety of groceries and household items. In the wholesale Halal foods sector, Abu Bakr has already established a very good reputation. Additionally to being a traditional supermarket, they also offer home deliveries. Abu Bakr’s delivery service covers the whole of Leeds.

Apart from the usual groceries, the supermarket also offers Abu 2 Go – a hot food service. You can order starters, main courses and sweets straight to your door.

Abu Bakr Supermarkets approached us through one of our business partners. Even though the founders and company are based in Leeds, they decided to bet on Snob Monkey to create their online presence.

The Project

Before the first COVID-19 lockdown back in March 2020, the Halal supermarket did not own an E-Commerce website. Until then, they just operated as a traditional supermarket.

As the first lockdown kicked in, Abu Bakr realized that they needed to offer a delivery service as soon as possible. Not only to provide citizens in the area with groceries during this difficult time, but also to keep the business running as usual. That is when they reached out to us to create their website.

Snob Monkey gladly accepted the project. The founders of Abu Bakr Supermarkets had three criteria for the new website: easy to use, nice and clean design and make it go live as soon as possible.

Our website development team was working from home at that time. Even though Snob Monkey took over many new projects during that time, we knew that this project needed to be one of our top priorities.

We created the website from scratch using WordPress. When designing the pages, we carefully gave all pages a responsive design, meaning that you can use the website from every device and the design will not be altered. Additionally, we designed most of the graphics on their website. Now the challenge was not just to create the website. The focus point of this project was the online store. Abu Bakr offered over 2,000 products at the time, which had to be imported to the website.

After two intense weeks of work, the website was up and running. The founders of Abu Bakr Supermarkets were really happy with the results and how fast the website went live. That is also why they signed up for our website maintenance package. Who better than the creators, to take care of the website?

Later that year, Abu Bakr Supermarkets also let us take over their SEO. We are trying to push the business through specific keywords that make them standout compared to their competitors. We use industry specific keywords as well as unique keywords for Abu Bakr’s niche with Halal products. With tools such as the Google Keyword Planner, we are making sure that our keywords give the expected results.

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The Result

Abu Bakr Supermarkets grew during the pandemic. Thanks to the online shop they were able to keep sales going and to grow their business. This is also why they decided to expand to new locations. We are sure that Abu Bakr Supermarkets is soon going to become a household name in the Leeds area. We are happy to continue working with them and wish them a lot of success and growth for the upcoming years.


Snob Monkey helped get us off the ground when it came to our online presence. It was during the first COVID-Lockdown. They got our E-Commerce online Store Website up and running within 2 weeks and we have been working with them ever since.

Always available when there is an issue and very professional with their response. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs an online presence.

Asad Hussain, Owner of Abu Bakr Supermarkets

Abu Bakr Supermarket