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Acupro Clinic


Acupro Clinic




2016 – 2017



  • Logo & Branding
  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Animation
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

The project

AcuPro is a healthcare clinic that uses traditional Chinese acupuncture and alternative cures to treat patients with health issues. Through acupuncture, herbal medicines and/or massages, they deal with general welling difficulties, skin conditions, women’s health issues and manage pain. Their goal is to provide convenient, high quality healthcare in a personal and professional environment in both of their locations.

Before opening the clinics, AcuPro was looking for a digital marketing agency to help them create the ideal website for their business. They found Snob Monkey online and contacted us through our website.


AcuPro Website on Computer and Tablet

What Snob Monkey did

For the Start-Up, we created a complete new website. The layout had to be simple and easy to use to make sure the customer experience can be as smooth as possible. We incorporated the company’s wishes to their website. To make everything more eye pleasing, we additionally created graphics to illustrate the pages. We made sure that the website was accessible from every device working with a responsive design.

The website design is based on the branding we designed for the company. When producing the logo for the clinic, we also used the same unique colour palette and fonts.

A big concern for AcuPro was the booking system. Nowadays, customers expect to book appointments online without having to call nor email. We delivered AcuPro a user-friendly booking system, where customers can easily chose the location and time that works best for them and the treatment they desire to get. After that, only a couple of personal details are required to book the appointment in.

After going live with the website, we helped them get some business in by using SEO as a tool to raise awareness about the new clinic.


AcuPro has grown as a company since they first started back in 2017. Even during the COVID-19 lockdown, they were able to keep the business going by introducingemote consultations as part of their services. The website, created by Snob Monkey, is still up and running.

Website AcuPro