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Cerulean Law




2017 – present


  • Website Development
  • WordPress maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Google Ad campaigns (PPC)

The project

Cerulean Law is a unique law firm of barristers and solicitors who provide full legal and commercial litigation services with over 50 years’ experience. They specialise in professional negligence, health laws, commercial litigation and much more, providing advocacy and litigation at all levels, professional advice and the drafting of legal documents and/ or agreements.

We met with the owners of Cerulean who were in need of a variety of digital marketing services to update the brand image. From website development and maintenance to SEO and Google Ads, we took Cerulean Chambers on as a challenging project but have since created impressive results.

cerulean law

What Snob Monkey did

We started with the redevelopment of Cerulean’s website which was originally very basic and unnavigable. There were too many purple and black colour schemes which made the site look unprofessional and uninviting. There was also no consistency or flow in content posted with no clear guide on what services they offered. Therefore, it was clear to us what we had to achieve. We changed the colour scheme to white and purple, structured the content so it was more readable for the visitors, both on the web and mobile, then made their services more presentable in a clearer layout.

We managed their social media presence using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as these platforms were most suitable for the industry and content we would be publishing. It was important to keep consistency through all three platforms to reach and engage their audiences. Much of the content created was company announcements as well as news related to politics and businesses.

Our next step was starting Cerulean’s search engine optimisation (SEO) as well as paid social using Google Ads. We wanted to focus on keywords that related to their location and specialised areas of law such as professional negligence and cross border litigation.  In addition, we also handled their email marketing to maintain rapport and loyalty between Cerulean Law and its clients. It was crucial that our emails were going out on a regular basis and only contained information or news that was relevant and interesting to our email list.

The results

Cerulean Law has been very pleased with all services provided by Snob Monkey so far. SEO and Google ads in particular have made the biggest impact on the company as it has boosted both their paid and organic traffic. With a more professional looking website for services, their business dealings have also increased.