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Dinky Kids






  • Logo & Branding
  • Website Development

The project

DinkyKids is a preschool, which opened its doors back in 2018. They aim to provide high-quality childcare in an enriched safe environment. They aim to ensure that all children’s individual needs are met, and work in partnership with parents and carers to achieve this. The staff at DinkyKids is dedicated and enthusiastic and provide a warm and loving environment for children.

The founder of DinkyKids approached Snob Monkey to design the logo and create the branding for the preschool as well as the website.


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What Snob Monkey did

When creating the branding for DinkyKids it was important that all the designs looked appealing for parents but also for the kids. A really simple and professional looking website for a preschool would not suit their business. That is why we went for a wide colour palette so we could make everything look cheerful and vibrant.

For the logo, the founders invisioned something with a tree that had kids’ handprints as branches. To keep the colourful theme going, we gave each handprint a different colour but kept the tree brown. If you look closely, the tree trunk resembles a hand, safely protecting the child on the swing. This should represent the safe and warm environment they try to create at their preschools


All the projects were finalised before the school’s opening. DinkyKids was very pleased with the results, and how we transferred their ideas to the website. In May 2018 they had a successful launch of their preschool.

The website was, again according to the branding, designed with vibrant colours. We chose a funky font for the text to keep the easy-going vibe.


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