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Jair Santamaria Hairdresser


Hair and beauty


2019 – present


  • Social media marketing
  • Photography

The project

Jair Santamaria are experts in the field of hair. Founder and senior hair stylist, Jair, approached Snob Monkey in 2019 needing help with their online social presence. Understanding that a social media presence was crucial for his type of business but not knowing how to effectively execute it was the main concern.

What Snob Monkey did

Our first step to creating Jair’s social media was understanding the ins and outs of the business, their brand personality and image, and most importantly their unique selling points. From this, we started to brainstorm different social media strategies and ideas for each social media platform.

We use Facebook and Instagram to connect and grow with Jair’s audience as these are the most creative and engaging platforms. The content we create is a combination of promoting their services, hair tips and tricks plus any other company news such as special offers or changes in opening times. Our weekly hair tips and tricks not only give the audience insightful information but gives us the ability to create an aesthetically looking Instagram feed with consistent colour schemes.

We also do professional photography for Jair Santamaria to capture the salons atmosphere and his services in action to post for his audience on social media. Presenting the team and salon regularly online not only builds a rapport with his audience but also builds upon the current personality of the company.

The results

Jair is extremely pleased with the content we have created for the brand so far and the growth we have produced for their social media presence. We are also able to view the consumer insights for social media and understand the type of social media audience Jair have, which can help us create better content for the future.