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  • Website Development

The project

Keenlight is a lighting company based in West Sussex, supplying a wide range of custom design lighting products to the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. Keenlight have worked successfully with architects, designers, electrical contractors, and other end users. The directors have over 78 years’ experience in the lighting industry, retail management and take an active role within the company.

Keenlight approached us in 2018 needing an updated layout of their business website. They reportedly had a high bounce rate and so we analysed it to see what was going wrong. It was outdated, unappealing and wasn’t mobile-friendly. It was clear a lot needed to change.


What Snob Monkey did

After reviewing their website, we highlighted all the issues with the website and informed Keenlight to create a brief. Using WordPress, we completely refurbished the website starting with the layout. The old website had displeasing images which wouldn’t open properly and too much text in large paragraphs. In addition, the website wouldn’t open properly on mobile devices which is crucial in the 21st century.

We added plenty of imagery of their own products as the main focus of the website, followed by changing the font and size of the text to make it more readable. We stuck with the same colour schemes and logos to retain the brand personality but changed the layout to make the site more navigable.

The results

Keenlight were very pleased with our results. With more imagery of their own products, spaced out text and a clearer layout, their website is now much more accessible. Keenlight have also soon a boost in online traffic now that new prospects are able to discover the brand via mobile shopping.