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Mobile Outfitters UK






  • Social Media Management
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Animation
  • Video Editing

The project

With physical kiosk locations worldwide, Mobile Outfitters is able to bring unparalleled products and services directly to you. They are not just another mobile accessory kiosk, with their own on-demand technology they are able to create and professionally install the award-winning ‘Clear-Coat’ screen protection 360º full body protection, and skins for any mobile device right from their kiosk. Combined with a lifetime guarantee, professional installation and 100% customisable phone cases you’ll quickly see why millions have chosen Mobile Outfitters.

Mobile Outfitters approached us needing effective social media management to better connect with their audience, graphic design for advertising, video animation and professional photography.

Mobile Outfitters

What Snob Monkey did

Starting with photography, we captured some of their various stores nationwide. The photography was then going to be used both on their social media and in their adverts. We not only shot photographs of the stores, but of their products and services in action.

The next stage was to use our graphic design tools to create visualizing display ads, as well as social media content. Using various Adobe Creative Cloud apps, we also developed video animations to promote their wide range of mobile services. Video was key in showing the amount of detail Mobile Outfitters go to ensure that their customers get the best quality of service. Mobile Outfitters have various stores across the nation, so each design had a different city printed on it.

In relation to social media, we used targeting methods to identify the right audiences amongst social media users, based on location, age and interests relating to mobile phone services. We then ran social media campaigns targeting their audience with the aim of generating more engagement.



Mobile Outfitters were extremely happy with our graphic design creations and have been used massively all across their social media and website. Not only are their stores thriving, but their social media is still booming with over 22,000 Facebook likes and 12,000 followers on Instagram. On top of that, we created several adverts and logos using graphic design which were then used to promote their extensive menu.