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Peer 2 Peer Finance News






  • Website Development
  • WordPress maintainance

The project

Peer 2 Peer Finance News offers is the first online and print magazine dedicated purely to the fast-growing peer-to-peer industry. It offers high-quality news, analysis, opinion and features relating to this exciting area of alternative finance.

P2P approached Snob Monkey concerning their current website layout. They didn’t want a drastic change like most of our usual clients. But instead, a simple change in layout and structure so that it was more navigable for their audiences.

peer 2 peer

What Snob Monkey did

The financial news posts are the centre of P2P’s homepage and so our main aim was to structure them in a readable format as several posts get uploaded per day. Beforehand, their posts were limited and were not displaying properly on mobile. Therefore, we had to also create a responsive design for mobile so that people browsing on smartphones or tablets were also able to clearly navigate the site. Thereafter, we then continued to maintain their website and see to any backups if needed.

The results

P2P were extremely pleased with our results and enjoy the new layout to their news site. The biggest impact we had was making their responsive mobile design which has now reportedly boosted the number of traffic to their website.

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