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 St Anne’s Group


Security, housekeeping and cleaning


2016 – present


  • Logo & Branding
  • Website Development
  • WordPress maintainance
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

The project

Founded in 2008, St Anne’s Group offers a variety of commercial services within London.

They deliver exemplary commercial cleaning services to a diverse range of businesses. Their effective management and uncompromisingly high standards ensure that they remain services leaders in the commercial cleaning industry.

They also provide security personnel to organisations and individuals for so long because of highly trained security personnel and their client-focused security management. Their clients range from embassies to offices, construction sites to depots, multi-occupancy residential properties to private residential clients.

St Anne’s also give a true 5-star cleaning service to clients throughout Central London and understand that each client is different, requiring a custom-tailored service. They pay close attention to every detail and provide exemplary customer service on each call.

St Anne’s were in need of website redevelopment and SEO. Their previous website was unstructured, vague and unappealing. It was clear that St Anne’s needed a complete web refurbishment.


st annes housekeeping

What Snob Monkey did

Since St Anne’s offers three huge services, we thought it would be fitting that they have three separate websites for each service, as well as a homepage for St Anne’s as a group. This not only makes it easier for potential customers to navigate their services but also as a business to manage and measure each website better. We also currently back up St Anne’s websites on a monthly basis to ensure no information or data is lost in the event of a server crash.

In terms of SEO, it was important to use more specific keywords to pop up on the right Google searches relating to each service.  For example, for their security website we used terms such as ‘security company Bristol’ which were ranking very well for St Anne’s.

We also tweaked and updated their logo to give St Anne’s a more established and professional brand image. We included each service within the main logo to clearly portray St Anne’s as a multifaceted brand.


St Anne’s Group were extremely pleased with our marketing services. We managed to get many of our main keywords ranking within the top 3 Google pages, giving them the recognition they deserve. The four websites created by Snob Monkey are now structured much clearer for both the customer and business with similar layouts and colour schemes. We have also been maintaining their WordPress website since, making sure everything is backed up securely.

st anne's housekeeping