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Kookey is a pro at thinking outside of the box and they’ve got something here to suit all quirky levels, from silly to sensible. Their giant range of unique, quirky gifts strikes the balance between bizarre and useful so… whether you’re looking for ideas for a birthday, Christmas or anniversary, Kookey’s novelty gifts are an enjoyable way of embracing all of the kooks and kinks that make your loved one feel special.



Life did not exist before Snob Monkey swung into action. They required a fully responsive website ranked high on google search, including a creative online presence.  We were really excited about this project and got straight on it.



Logo & Branding

The intentions for the logo was to represent Kookey’s clean but simple vision which was incorporated within the website, we suggested a two-base colour in the logo through to the theme of the website, they happily approved of this idea, letting us take the creative reins for the overly branding look of Kookey.



  • Startup Package
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Editing
  • Graphics Designing
  • Logo & Branding
  • Website Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • SEO

Website Development

Kookey was one of our heavy loaded clients with not a name, website, social media to their profession. Snob Monkey successfully created a new, fully responsive and mobile-friendly website. Each picture that was used was of high quality and suited the products description. Each product description had a humorous feel with a heavy detailed definition.

Website Maintenance

Since Kookey took the whole Startup Package from us, we are in charge of maintaining the whole website and regularly updating the stock and details as well as backing up the website.

Social Media Management

We started work on their social media when they had no online presence to start. Creating campaigns and awareness for the brand took a few weeks as it was a startup company without a fan to its name. We use high-quality pictures and videos to update their social media pages, advertising the price, description and characteristic, to advance the normality of the product.


It was important to ensure that there was no immediate dip in search performance, which could have potentially led to a loss of traffic.

Our hope was that, as the site provided a better user experience, the result would be enhanced search visibility. We succeeded in bringing SEO service and Kookey is reaching more clients and topping the client’s monthly expectations.

Video Editing

We help Kookey to display their new products and get exposure with the videos our creative team design and edit. Majority of the videos are uploaded onto their social platforms to showcase the products. We run campaigns for each video hitting the appropriate audience per product.