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PPC – Pay Per Click Campaigns

The Google Display Network reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide…

Do you need quick, instant traffic to your website? PPC advertising is a highly effective solution to getting your site to the top of a search results page. It’s an efficient alternative to SEO which can be time-consuming and can take a lot of patience to get right.

The beauty of PPC ads is being able to set a budget that suits you and a time period in which you would like your ads to run for. Results are also immediate and can be integrated with mobile search as well as desktop. In 2020, Google saw a 70% increase in mobile sales as a direct result of mobile advertising using Google Ads. For a more organic alternative for website traffic, visit our SEO page.

Google Ads

Paid ads on Google can deliver instant results if you use the correct keywords with a suitable budget. With Google being the largest search engine, you have an audience of billions with the ability to track and measure your results at any time. You also have full control of your budget and can change it at any time.

YouTube Ads

In 2020, YouTube saw 2 billion users logging in every month by people at home, work or to their commute and has become a big part in people’s lives. It gives you a variety of advertising options depending on what your goal and budget is. From skippable in-stream ads to discovery ads, you’re sure to find a solution that suits your brand.

At Snob Monkey, we usually take control of your account and run your ads with every goal in mind.


Social Media Advertising

As a creative digital marketing agency, we create effective social media ads based on your business objectives, whether it be brand awareness or increasing conversion rates. Social media campaigns have ‘call to actions’ are very clear and simple for audiences.

Facebook advertising: With 2.6 billion users per month, Facebook is the largest social media platform with the potential to boost your brand exposure. Being the largest platform, Facebook has endless tools and possibilities to track and measure important KPI’s such as brand awareness and website traffic.

One of the key benefits of using Facebook ads is the customisation of audiences. Not only can you specify your demographics and psychographics, but use retargeting to target ads at users who may have already encountered your business but didn’t necessarily take an action. 

Instagram advertising: Also owned by Facebook, is also progressively becoming more popular and can be game-changing for brands who thrive on creativity. With new features and updates constantly evolving, Instagram is a platform to definitely jump on for any brand.

Twitter advertising: Brands primarily use Twitter to start a conversation and communicate with their audiences. Although limited to a 140 character message, you can drive KPIs of all kinds, be it brand awareness, website traffic, leads or sales. 


How it works

Set Your Goals

First and foremost, we need to understand what your budget is and what your expecting on ROI. Which audience to hit and age group etc.

Plan Content

We then start creating your campaign with the information provided and design it around your goals, keeping in mind your budget and ROI.

Go Live

Once you have signed off on the campaign we start running it. We keep a close eye on the campaign throughout the duration of it to see what is working and what is not so we can adjust accordingly to give you maximum exposure.

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