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2016 – 2018



  • Logo & Branding
  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Animation
  • Social Media management
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Website Maintenance

The project

Saporous was virtually non-existence before Snob Monkey took on their projects. They deliver unique and tasty dessert packages to their clients at various events for an unforgettable experience. Their aim whilst setting up the brand was to bring an exclusive atmosphere by providing a unique dessert concept to all events. Saporous took on our start-package which included a wide range of digital marketing services as listed above


What Snob Monkey did

As a fresh, new company; the first aspect of the business was to establish was their brand identity and personality. We developed several different logos keeping their brief in mind and after three days, they chose one they were happy with.

Next, we started to develop their WordPress website using the style and colour scheme of their chosen logo as a guide. As a distinctive dessert caterer, it was best to also create a fun and exciting feel to the brand and keep their content visual rich and vibrant. 

Social media management was crucial to our project with Saporous. As an up and coming business, brand exposure and awareness was key to ensuring they were attracting to the right audiences. On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter we ran multiple campaigns showcasing their services, as well as holding competitions for followers, highlighting the different packages that are offered and presenting any past events to give their audience a feel of what Saporous are like in action.

We also created a large volume of graphic designs and video animations to promote and advertise their dessert services. Of course, as a food and hospitality business, showing their desserts on the website as well as social media was crucial.


Saporous’ social media has been extremely successful since working with Snob Monkey. Daily updates on their social media and multiple campaigns have given Saporous the boost they needed. 

After introducing SEO to Saporous, they have seen impressive results in their Google rankings within the span of a year. This has opened up many opportunities for Saporous as they finally received the brand recognition they were after. We are regularly update and maintain their WordPress maintenance.


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